pahrump real estate market

One of the fastest growing markets in the united states is the Pahrump real estate market. With an annual growth average of over 30% per year. When the market is growing at those rate the value of real estate can double in under three years, which means prime buying conditions for speculative and flip buyers. When these business schemes roll into town the losers are typically the first time home buyers, since their financed offers are always weaker than a cash investor buyer with a faster closing contract and less contingencies. Large home suppliers like Freddie and Fannie have recognized this, and as a service to first time home buyers they now offer special programs that prevent investors from making an offer until 30 days after the initial listing date. Of course this must be subsidized by the government, since these restrictions on a open Pahrump real estate market will artificially change the prices. A better solution would be financing that is guaranteed to close, and able to close quickly to stay competitive with cash investors. If two offers where on the table, and the first time home buyer offered more, they would be rejected today because loans are not a sure thing. If banks were made to stay competitive with their offerings they would create more efficient systems that allow for 7 or 14 day closings, instead of the current 30 to 45 day. After the bailouts by the government banks in Pahrump have slightly increased the delay of closing a loan, so yes the norm is now closer to 45 days than 30. These lacks of efficiency only hurt home buyers, since investors love getting a house at a lower offer price, simply because banks loans are unreliable and slow. When looking for some properties in the Pahrump real estate market it is best to use cash, until banks are competitive.

Pahrump real estate market

Pahrump real estate