Pahrump Real Estate Agents

Finding a good deal in Pahrump is as easy as finding good Pahrump real estate agents. If you do not already have a good agent than researching for the top agents online can produce good results. The process of finding a good agent used to be a burden, so has put together a rating system that fairly assesses how qualified Pahrump real estate agents are to represent buyers and sellers. The process of working with a buyer is very different that taking on a listing and working with a seller. It is helpful to know and experience both sides to help with negotiations and give a broader service offering, but some agents like to specialize.

Buyer Agents

Buyer agents must ensure their clients are prepared to make a purchase. For finances deals this means ensuring they are qualified with a reputable bank and have the proof of funds for covering their down payment and closing costs. If the home they are looking to purchase does not qualify for a loan the agent must recognize this. Cash buyers must still be qualified by showing proof of funds which are submitted with offers. There is no way for a buyers agent to know what price ranges to look at until after the buyer is qualified with these methods. Buyer agents should have a good means of transportation, since they will be visiting many listings in the area.

Seller Agents

Seller agents do not need to qualify their clients, but must make sure the home is qualified for a good sale. Sometimes this requires improving the appearance of the home before or when listing it. Seller agents might also need to provide open houses, accommodate showings, or watch over and maintain a home listing for absentee owners. If the seller is still in the property while selling the agent must arrange times for the property to be seen.

Both buyer and seller benefit from Pahrump real estate agents.

pahrump real estate agents

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