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Having a state real estate license allows real estate professionals to practice, but Pahrump realtors have access to the multiple listing service and many more resources only available to realtors. The multiple listing service is a great tool that seems like second nature for current agents, but before the MLS was widely in use agents would have to find listings by networking with other agents or scouring newspapers and print ads for current offerings. The prices would vary more, since the exposure of each property varied. The best way to ensure Pahrump realtors are able to sell a property at top dollar is by getting the maximum exposure.

Tools of the trade

Realtors also have access to electronic locks and keys that make listing an empty property safer, since all access to the property will be recorded. With a digital signature ensuring that the agent entering the premises is responsible for all activity inside it, there are not he same problems that can happen when codes are being handed around and anyone can gain access.

Electronic locks also prevent realtors from taking the keys to a hot listing, which can be a unethical yet common practice in the field. Since the agent had to digitally sign to open the lock box, the next agent that open the electronic box and notices no keys are inside will be able to inform the seller of the missing keys. The seller can then track the missing keys to the last agent, ensuring that they are returned or made responsible. With old manual boxes keys would simply disappear from hot listings, so other agents would be unable to show a property while the key thief sends in their offer. Previously with no way to track who last had the keys or where they could have gone this was unfortunately a common practice among Pahrump Realtors.

Pahrump Realtors

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