Pahrump NV Real Estate or Stocks

When looking for a safe place to increase some money the Pahrump NV real estate market tops the charts. The market has been expanding for years and ever growing demand means ever increasing profits for home owners in Pahrump.

Stock market retirements?

How many people are planning on a 401k retirement these days. How many of those same people have any understanding of how to compete with the full time, day trading, rule breaking fat cats on wall street. Who thinks it a good idea to have your money on the same poker table as a Harvard educated multi-million dollar salaried top recruit? Than why do we gamble our retirement funds against the same people. The stock market is a zero sum game, so if they are getting rich in New York, it is because they are taking money from someone else. Retirement accounts in the stock market are like hens in the fox den. Stocks can go to zero, but what percentage of houses have the same potential for disaster.

Homes for security

The reason bankers provide loans on homes all day long and never provide loans on stocks should make the story clear. Sure you can leverage stocks you already own by using credit draws on around 50% of their current value, but not 80% to 120% like home loans. When you own a home, you can paint it or a number of other activities to force appreciation. When you own a stock you can’t call the business and make it perform better, not that stocks are traded long term enough where it would matter. Homes on average will increase in value, and so will the stock market. The major difference is that homes will always have a value, even if the economy collapses or world war 3, but the stock market is just people trading paper and promises. You can’t sleep under stocks, so put your money where you live.

Pahrump NV Real Estate

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