Pahrump NV Realty is Really Hot

Knowing realtors in Pahrump will help you know the Pahrump NV realty market. Knowing the market makes it easier to profit more on a sale or purchase when looking in Pahrump. This fast growing market requires knowledge to ensure the best deals.

Knowledge is Power

Knowing what the current market value is the only way to know when a deal is being purchased below market value or above. If an agent doesn’t know current market trends, recent comparable sales, or average price per square foot for a given area than they will not be able to recognize a great deal even if it is staring them in the face. Meanwhile the agent that is able to spot a good deal will have an offer in before they even drive over to look inside. Contingencies are designed to accommodate for inspections by a professional paid to spot problems with a home. Generally the average home buyer or realtor will not have the skills needed to properly determine the condition of a home, since the most expensive repairs are in the walls and under the foundation. The brave amateur might look at the roof, but for Pahrump NV realty the roofs are either Spanish tile, or deteriorated asphalt shingles. New roofs are one of the most expensive repairs, but this should be an easy spot.

Knowing that a home is priced below market value should indicate that we are either looking at a great deal or a project. Typically homes listed below market are there because the cost of repairs are being factored in, but these two are not mutually exclusive, since a good deal that requires no work can be found below market value. The key is knowing the market well enough to be able to recognize this.

Additionally, don’t be so fast to assume that a fixer upper is a good deal. Just because a home needs work, does not mean that it has been priced to accommodate this. Typically homes are priced to allow for needed repairs, but again, this is not always the case. A good agent will know appropriate pricing and be able to point out how far below market value the home is listed for. Once the gap is determined professionals can be brought in to estimate repairs. This all happens AFTER getting the home in contract, so make sure your offer price is comfortable for you before knowing exact repair costs.

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