Real Estate in Pahrump Nevada Surrounded by Lakes

Housing can be expensive in Las Vegas, so many are turning to real estate in Pahrump Nevada. Sometimes home prices are nearly half the price, so homebuyers are able to purchase a much nicer home with the same or lower budget. Additionally lot sizes are much more expansive.

Wagons West

Just West of Las Vegas we see the great city of Pahrump in Southern Nevada in Nye county. Nye county is huge and expands for many miles north well past Clark county which encompasses North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, the unincorporated strip, Henderson and Boulder City. If we go far enough south we will even reach Laughlin just before hitting Arizona. All of these markets and areas have their own real estate markets and trends specific to their offerings, so it is hard to determine which location has the most to offer. If you are a lover of lakes there are a few man made ones near Summerlin in the West and Lake Las Vegas in the East. The hoover dam has turned the Colorado river into a sizable lake, and man made lakes have been built on golf courses, resorts, and other locations throughout Pahrump. For being in a desert there is no shortage of lakes around.

Lovely Lakes

The lovely lakes of the west are all in Pahrump. Past real estate in Pahrump Nevada we see Armargosa Valley and Sandy Valley, but no lakes in these barren sandy landscapes. When looking for a location to scuba dive or drive a speed boat we must still travel out to lake Mead, but while enjoying the natural cooling effects of rolling hills of green grass and large lakes and streams golfing or relaxing in Pahrump is a cool summer treat.

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