Real Estate Pahrump

Realtors agree that when looking for a home in southern Nevada that Las Vegas and real estate Pahrump are good choices, but none will tell you that Las Vegas has better prices. Pahrump has more for the money and offers all the same advantages plus more. Come see the fastest growing real estate market in the nation.

Real Estate Pahrump

What to expect when looking

Because the landscape is different the local inventory is different too. When comparing Las Vegas to Pahrump we will quickly notice that Pahrump has more manufactured homes, which can allow for more affordable housing. Large lots are also more bountiful in Pahrump. The average home enjoys a half acre or full acre lot, which is more than forty thousand square feet compared to the average lot size in Las Vegas being below ten thousand square feet. We literally see four times the land on average when living in real estate Pahrump offers.

Landscapers canvas

The larger lots found in Pahrump allow for larger planned landscaping projects. The blank canvas that is fertile duty plains allows for a variety of expansive landscapes that can be seen throughout Nye county. Large rolling green grassy knolls of golf courses are painted with deep blue lakes and rustling streams. Local resort RV parks allow for duck filled ponds almost large enough to be called lakes. With the plentiful sources of water to be found in Pahrump there is no limit to the green expanses that can be developed. Many local residents do not realize that a large sod farm is on the edge of town, taking advantage of the great sunny climate and vast amounts of underground water allow for much of California’s lawn grass to be grown in Nevada. Local suppliers like Star Nursery are a great resource for finding the right plants and trees to decorate real estate Pahrump has on the market for ownership.

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